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Group Companies

Dr Batra's™ International

In order to take the benefits of homeopathy across the globe, Dr Batra's™ International was formed. Headquartered in Dubai, Dr Batra's™ International runs clinics in the following countries:
  • UAE (Dubai)
  • UK (London)
  • Bangladesh (Dhaka)

Dr Batra's™ B Perfect Pvt Ltd.

To complement the homeopathic treatment that we provide and further enhance patient experience, Dr Batra's™ launched its aesthetics division - Dr Batra's™ Aesthetic Solutions. It brought world-class advanced hair, skin and obesity treatments from across the globe to India. The services that Dr Batra's™ Aesthetic Solutions provides include:

Hair care
  • Dr Batra's™ Hair transplant
  • Dr Batra's™ groHAIR
  • Dr Batra's™ Instant hair
  • Dr Batra's™ STMcell therapy
  • Dr Batra's™ Quick Hair
Skin care
  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Skin glow treatment
  • Skin clarity treatment
  • Skin renewal treatment
  • Scar treatment
Weight loss

Dr Batra's™ Products

In order to take safe and effective healthcare to people's homes, Dr Batra's™ launched its product division, a professionally managed and ISO 9000:2008 certified company manufacturing FDA approved hair care and skin care products that complement the homeopathic treatment offered by us. Our product range includes shampoos, conditioner, hair oil, moisturising lotion and cream, sunscreen, face wash, body wash, skin lightening cream, body toning cream and deodorants, amongst others. These products are available at our clinics as well as in over 10,000 modern trade stores, providing consumers a safe and effective alternative at an affordable price.

Dr Batra's™ Franchise

Dr Batra's™ Group is steadily building a strong franchise network enterprise by partnering with business aficionados and brand enthusiasts all over India in tier II and III cities. As franchise partners, they contribute towards making an exceptional difference to the society by creating healthcare infrastructure in their own town. Our franchise partners play a prominent role in the success of our brand and together, we take the business to the next level and spread the joy of homeopathy to all! We have over 65 franchise clinics in India and one clinic in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dr Batra's™ Pet Care

It is India's first veterinary and homeopathy hospital that extends the benefits of a safe and effective alternative system of medicine to all kinds of pets. The multi-specialty pet care hospital provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical veterinary care. After the success of our pet hospital in Delhi, we have opened three more OPD pet care clinics at Gurugram, Goa and Vasai (Mumbai).

Dr Batra's Foundation

It is a philanthropic institution established in 2001 to help the backward and underprivileged towards the company's goal of making a difference to the lives of street children, orphans, elderly, the physically challenged and animals.

Dr Batra's™ Academy

Dr Batra's™ Academy offers fellowships in homeopathic dermatology and is affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. Our mission is to train and equip every student at Dr Batra's Academy with the latest innovations and breakthrough in homeopathic dermatology so they are able to treat skin diseases radically, judiciously and ethically to bring relief to their patients. A training institute will use the wealth of Dr Batra's™ accumulated experience and expertise to professionalise the field of homoeopathy, further improve homoeopathic education, and produce homoeopaths for the future.

Dr Batra's™ Media

The media division was formed with an intention to publicise and promote the benefits of homoeopathy and helping its goodness reach the maximum number of patients. Its first offering Homeopathy & You magazine is India's first homeopathy and lifestyle magazine.

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