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Constipation - Overview

Constipation is a condition in which the patient has fewer bowel movements than normal or when their bowel movements are more difficult than normal. Medically, constipation is referred to as a functional disorder that causes excessive straining during a bowel movement either with difficulty or with incomplete or infrequent, hard stools.

If somebody has less than three bowel movements a week, it is medically termed as constipation. Patients with constipation can only pass stools when there is an urge to do so; if there is no urge, it is difficult to pass stools. Constipation is not only limited to sluggishness or slowness of the bowel movements but may also be associated with psychological and various other medical disorders.

Constipation can sometimes interfere with the patient’s ability to function normally, preventing them from going about their daily tasks with ease. Most of the individuals suffer from chronic constipation, while some can develop sudden constipation, which needs immediate attention. Constipation is linked to erratic bowel habits, diet, hormones, medications and some diseases of the large intestine, also called the colon.

Constipation can be present differently in different people; therefore, it is essential to understand the patient’s lifestyle and psychological factors in the development of constipation. Individuals with constipation tend to resort to all sorts of treatment, including the use of laxatives. The distress is caused when the constipation becomes so bad that some people have to undergo frequent enema or need to remove stools manually.

It is essential to undergo a medical evaluation to know the reason for constipation. It is important to identify the cause and treat constipation accordingly. Homeopathy provides a wonderful treatment for constipation.

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