Let's understand homeopathy better

Gangrene - (Gang-rene)

The localised death of living cells (from infection or interruption of blood supply)

Genetic - (ge-net-ic)

Occurring amongst members of a family - usually by heredity; related to genes

Genetic - (Gen-ne-tic)

Occurring among members of a family, usually by heredity

Gestational - (Ges-ta-tional)

Of or relating to gestation

Ginkgo biloba - (gink-go bi-lo-ba)

A Chinese tree which exists almost exclusively in cultivatio,n especially as an ornamental tree; one of the popular traditional Chinese medicinal herbs

Glaucoma - (Glau-co-ma)

An eye disease that damages the optic nerve and impairs vision

Glycaemic - (Gly-cae-mic)

Relating to the effect of different foods on blood sugar levels

Goitre - (goi-ter)

An abnormally enlarged thyroid gland
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